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Turbo S was dissolved in the list of options Porsche Panamera

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Admirers of cars Porsche with index Turbo always have in a stock one step for growth — version Turbo S.

As a rule, it differs slightly forced engine and the expanded list of the base equipment. It engages many positions offered for Turbo-versions for surcharge. However in a case with hatchback Panamera Turbo experts in marketing from Stuttgart do not hasten to pass to the package offer, expanding the menu of additional options.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S Turbo S was dissolved in the list of options Porsche Panamera

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August 20th, 2010

Ruf RGT-8 Porsche tuning

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Firm Ruf - a motor-car manufacturer, instead of tuning studio. Not without reason in Porsche are happy with that these engineers get up with their production. Well and how differently when to Geneva there comes such car, how Ruf RGT-8 such colour?

Abbreviation RGT in the history of firm Ruf plays very important role. The first coupe with such name, having a safety framework under a covering of interior and a racing suspender, has been made of model 911 GT3 of a series 996 and equipped with the 390-strong motor in which basis the base atmospheric engine 3.6 lay. Then there was 451-strong version RGT created during serious modernisation Porsche 911 with index 997.
ruf rgt 8 front Ruf RGT 8 Porsche tuning

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March 6th, 2010

Porsche Cayman S Sport Limited Edition

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porsche cayman s Porsche Cayman S Sport Limited Edition

Company Porsche announced a conclusion to the European markets of the limited series of inexpensive sports coupe Cayman S which will be already presented in the dealer centres in the end of this year. The approximate price of a novelty in Germany — from 70 000 euros. Continue reading “Porsche Cayman S Sport Limited Edition” »

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August 25th, 2008

Techart GTstreet RS GT2

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techart gtstreet rs gt2 Techart GTstreet RS GT2

The monster in the field of versions of sport cars Porsche does not cease to surprise tuner Techart. After grandiose victory Porsche GTstreet RS on Tuner GP 2008, “master” from Leonberga announced even more effective and promising in an extreme drive of penalties — Porsche GT street RS, but only already on the basis of 530-strong Porsche GT2, and it is a difference. As a whole the recipe for creation of the champion of 2009 is simple also the tuner, in all honesty, used here already habitual for operational development «under the full program» modification features.

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August 22nd, 2008

Porsche Sportec SPR1

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sportec spr1 Porsche Sportec SPR1On a motor show in Geneva, tuning studio Sportec has shown the charged version of model Porsche 997 under name SPR1 which is capable to develop the maximum speed over 380 km/h. To reach such high high-speed indicators, the studio has added base, 3,6-litre Porsche the unit has some to pepper, having modified its two powerful final turboladers. Thus, at the first stage of version or the first step at pressure of forced aspiration from 2,2 bar. Continue reading “Porsche Sportec SPR1” »

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July 26th, 2007

Porsche Sportec SP580

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sportec sp580 Porsche Sportec SP580Not too often studio Sportec pleases the fans charged Porsche. If to recollect, one of last and “brightest” models can note Sportec SPR1, constructed on the basis of Porsche 997 and presented on a motor show in Geneva in 2006. Today, the studio represents new sport penalties — Sportec Porsche SP580. Continue reading “Porsche Sportec SP580” »

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July 24th, 2007

Porsche Panamera 2009

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porsche panamera Porsche Panamera 2009On the Internet there were new espionage photos Porsche Panamera which all pull together us with that day when we this can see magnificent penalties more.


Next photosession Porsche Panamera which according to experts should appear in the European markets in the beginning of 2009, has been made on a racing line a Nurnburgring. Continue reading “Porsche Panamera 2009” »

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July 17th, 2007
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