Porsche 911 GT2

porsche 911 gt2 Porsche 911 GT2Company Porsche has officially presented new and the most powerful with 911-th «family» Porsche GT2 which prime-minister takes place on a motor show in Frankfurt.


Let’s recollect, that it is literally couple of months back we were content with only espionage pictures, plentifully wiping slaver and guessing about preparing prime-minister. Now all officially! New Porsche GT2 it is presented for mass-media with all stock and barrel and is ready to accept all positive, also as well as negative points.


And so! The Novelty is the most powerful in 911-th family. Porsche GT2 it is equipped opposed by the 3,6-liter power unit with a new double turbo-supercharging and a special titanic exhaust system that has led to the general capacity in 530 horsepowers and 680 Nanometers of the maximal twisting moment. Power drive is carried out by means of six-step mechanics on a rear wheel drive where action is entered with stylish 19-inch disks with tires of dimension 325/30 (a front axle equipped 19-inch with tires 235/35). All these impressing “details”, allow GT2 to develop the maximal speed up to 329 km/h and to be dispersed up to 100 km/h of all for 3,7 seconds. Thus average consumption of fuel makes 12,5 l on 100 km.


As to optics of a novelty here there are elements typical for a GT-series as a face-to-face bumper with the powerful air intake, the expanded wheel arches of a tailpiece with “gills”, huge an anti-side panel, promoting greater clamping force on a rear axle and a rear bumper with specific air cuts on each side which serve for offtake of hot streams of air from a motor compartment.


Serially GT2 it will be completed with electronic two-level adaptive suspender PASM, braking system PCCB with brake plates from an alloy of ceramics and carbonite, sports seats from coal-plastic and a leather complete set of interior.


The base price on new Porsche GT2 will make in Germany from 159.100 euros and if to add and the tax in 19 % that and all 189.496 euros. The novelty can be got October, after successful presentation on a motor show in Frankfurt.

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