Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessanta

ferrari 612 scaglietti sess Ferrari 612 Scaglietti SessantaFerrari in honour of the 60-years anniversary, announced a conclusion to the European markets of an exclusive series 612 Scaglietti Sessanta which will be exhausted in quantity of only 60 copies.


The basic differences of an exclusive series from usual, will be 19-inch disks, slightly other radiator enclosure, chromeplated “exhaust”, nameplates « 612 Sessanta » and certainly color of a body which is offered exclusively in two variants – black and grey. As to an interior the chamber of a rear kind, completely a leather complete set from a brown leather here has increased, a glass roof and powerful audio-system Bose.


In the field of the power unit all remains without special changes. Here all also works 540-strong 5,7-liter engine, dispersing Ferrari 612 Sessanta up to 100 km/h of all for 4,2 seconds and allowing to develop the maximal speed up to 315 km/h.

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