ABT Audi AS5

abt as5 audi a5 ABT Audi AS5Is — the first! Tuning of studio ABT Motorsport has presented a package of operational development new Audi Coupe A5 upto more «serious» conditions where in habitual to designers manners the sports body-whale and version of the base 3,0-liter diesel unit has been executed.


As soon as new Audi A5 it has been presented officially, on many the Internet-forums and conferences at once there were statements of type: « we Shall look, that will this time make studio ABT » or « And estimate that with it ABT will make ». Here also have waited — it is possible and to estimate and as they say « handles to touch ».


That new Audi A5 has started singing, to it have appropriated the statute “charged”. By means of new “software” for an electronic control package, and also the modified inlet system, masters ABT managed to catch result in 272 horsepowers (239 serially). More powerful variant which will possess capacity in 300 horsepowers is in a stage of development. Here, at the account of all “simple” versions it will be added still.


This all so to say for “diesel engine”, and where petrol “tuning”? Here I think it is not necessary to hurry up, as any more behind mountains that put, when Audi will present the top model — Audi RS5 which tuner ABT for certain will charge « a power core » capacity already in 500 horsepowers. But it will be then, and now, we shall continue “excursion” on the real world.


Dynamics new Audi Coupe A5 has been considerably improved due to more rigid sports screw the chassis, 18-inch disks with corresponding tires (top variant — 20-inch disks) and the exclusive body-whale consisting from face-to-face of a spoiler and a spoiler of a tailpiece with the choke tube. Supplement a package as air “gills” on slightly expanded wheel arches and powerful exhaust «quadruple» — on two tubes on the right and at the left.


As to braking the high-efficiency braking system from 380-mm by brake plates and supports here has been offered.


The price for a full complete set new Audi A5 yet is not informed

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