Mercedes-Benz will modernizate designe of S-class

Modernization will concern, first of all, S-class models. In Mercedes-Benz company promise that in 2013 German cars «will establish the new quality standards and design».

Representatives of a German motor-car manufacturer while, unfortunately, don’t open nuances of new workings out. It is informed only that the new design won’t have something in common with already existing bolides and what to see it it will be possible in conceptcar F800 which will present on the Geneva showroom in March.

Thus in Mercedes-Benz unambiguously hint at the future of the manufacture. «F800 as well as possible underlines philosophy of models of new generation, reflecting all our future industrial ruler», – hasn’ted Jurgen Hirsh (Jürgen Hirsch), the head of kontsetp-division Mercedes.

It is known also that in a S-class modernize the control system interface. In it the touch panel of type iPhone will be used. The pair of the videocameras conducting shooting in driving direction and located on the panel of a rear-view mirror becomes a key modern stroke.

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