AC Schnitzer TENSION Concept BMW M6

schnitzer tension bmw m6 AC Schnitzer TENSION Concept BMW M6For the new project «TENSION» studio AC Schnitzer from Aachen has chosen the car which and without completions possesses magnificent characteristics — BMW M6.


Nevertheless, experts AC Schnitzer have found where to put the hands, having created concept «TENSION» which name in translation means « expectation of exciting event ».


The first excitements are shown after capacity of the 507-strong engine, owing to optimization of a control system and installation of new firm final system Schnitzer, the twisting moment up to 540 Nanometers increases up to 552 horsepowers, and at 6200 turns in a minute. With such characteristics the car is capable to be dispersed up to 100 km/h for 4,5 seconds and to reach the maximal speed of 325 kilometers at an o’clock.


The increase in speed and dynamics of dispersal have demanded modification in a braking system. On a front axle calipers with 8th buckets and the punched disks in diameter of 374 mm and thickness of 36 mm have been established, in a braking system of rear wheels the four-cylinder calipers working in pair with standard brake plates have been established.


Wheels constantly being under maximum loads also have been replaced on new, meeting higher requirements, wheels AC Schnitzer « Forged Wheel ».


Engineers AC Schnitzer have lead full recustomizing a suspender with replacement of springs and absorbers. The ground clearance of the car has been reduced by 30 mm. In front also have behind established new antiroll bars, and for increase in body stiffness under a cowl have put clampers of windscreen pillars of an original design from aluminium and carbone.


Change of appearance of the car has been directed first of all on achievement of the best aerodynamic parameters, and also for increase in the air flow necessary for cooling of the engine and details of a braking system. It has concerned a cowl redesigned AC Schnitzer. It became more convex and has received bores of greater diameter for increase in inflow of the cold air especially necessary on maximum loads.


The front bumper also provides pass of the increased volume of cooling air to the engine and front brakes and creates necessary clamping force on high speeds. The front fenders which have received on three chromeplated edges and light-emitting diode repeaters have undergone to changes also. New lateral skirts visually extend TENSION, providing harmonious transition to a rear of the machine with a boot lid, deprived a standard spoiler and a unique skirt of a rear bumper with replaceable choke tubes, one of which serves for usual modes of driving, and the second — for races. Besides for use in racing modes the demountable rear fender providing necessary clamping force on a rear axle serves.


Colour score AC Schnitzer TENSION Concept is executed in extravagant Magic Orange Metallic and Carbon Grey.

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