Aston Martin DBS

aston martin dbs Aston Martin DBS

The fantastic life of James Bonda full of adventures would not be such bright and fascinating without made-to-order suits from Brioni, magnificent hours Omega, licenses for murder and surprising cars, such as new Aston Martin DBS 2008.

First car Aston Martin of model DB5 has appeared in film «Goldfinger» more 40 years ago. The car was not simply a vehicle of the agent 007. Provident Q equipped with its device of the smoke screen, the coupled machine guns, lubricating oil and magnificent passenger sitting with a catapult. Having played a role of the second plan, this silvery car has helped James Bond to become the favourite spy of the population of all countries.

And it is no wonder, that DB5 (model 1965) again appears in last series Bond — « Casino Royale » . But the main car of this film another — Aston Martin DBS.

Possibly only owing to communications of Confidential service of Its Majesty in campaign Ford Motor, employees of laboratory Kju were possible manage the car which will go on sale only in October, 2007. Special options by which this exclusive copy has been equipped, will be inaccessible to usual buyers.

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