Carlsson C25

German studio Carlsson on the international motor show in Geneva has shown to the public the first own superpenalties Carlsson C25, constructed on the basis of Mercedes-Benz SL 600.

Under a coupe cowl the 753-strong 6-litre petrol motor “pines”, whose twisting moment in 1 150 Nanometers is accessible in a range 2 000 – 4 000 rpm. The engine joined with five-speed transmission SPEEDSHIFT, disperses model 3,7 seconds prior to first “hundred”. The maximum speed of the car – 352 km/hour. Superpenalties Carlsson C25, certificated for public roads, has received ESP, ABS, and also “clever” system C-Tronic which distinguishes a road carpet and a manner of driving of the driver, constantly correcting suspender options, providing ideal clutch of the car with road to any situation, it is told in the official press release.
carlsson c25 front Carlsson C25

Studio Carlsson plans to exhaust 25 copies of coupe C25, on one for each country where company offices settle down. Cost the superpenalty makes 429 000 euros, but the price list of the car at the expense of the additional equipment and a special paint with addition of a gold dust can be increased almost twice. Moreover, to owner Carlsson C25 will give possibility to order in studio for 45 000 euros 101-strong car Smart Fortwo which will be executed in style superpenalty С25.

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