Ferrari 458 Italia

The Italian company Ferrari after four months after acquaintance of the automobile public to model 458 Italia in which working out Michael Schumacher took part, has announced cost new a superpenalty.

For Great Britain successor Ferrari F430 preparing for May sales, have estimated in 169 545 pounds sterling (277 000 dollars). The buyer will receive the car For this money in the base complete set, equipped with 4,5-litre engine V8 capacity of 570 h.p. the Motor working together with a seven-step gear box with two clutches, is capable to disperse the car to 325 km/hour, and speedup to first “hundred” will occupy no more than 3,4 seconds.
ferrari 458 italia Ferrari 458 Italia

The model has rich enough list of the additional equipment which can increase sports car cost by some thousand pounds. So, for racing seats it is necessary to lay out £4276 ($7000), for rugs from alcantara – £1445 ($2350), and for a wheel with light-emitting diode indicators – £2794 ($4550). For comparison, cost new Ferrari F430 makes £128 000 ($209 000).

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