Lotus M250

lotusm250 Lotus M250

The batch production of the newest sports car Lotus M250 will be postponed at least for two a year as the concept of the car should be completely reconsidered. Such decision was accepted by the new head of this English company Terri Plejl (Terry Playle) for maximization of profit on serial release of the future model. It is necessary to note, that model Lotus M250 was already practically ready to a batch production.

However now the car will be redesigned for sale worldwide, including the USA. For weight reduction that is very important for sports cars, the aluminium framework will be used still; however now in future M250 use of an automatic change speed gearbox and other elements of luxury which are capable to raise interest to a novelty from usual drivers is supposed. It is not excluded also, that the car is a little grow in sizes. Besides its price which should make approximately 60 000 dollars, can considerably will raise. Those buyers who have already ordered and have paid the car, will receive the money back.

Terri Plail actively is engaged in re-structuring of the company, trying to make of a small English motor-car manufacturer of ” the large international player “. ” We now can exhaust the order of 10 000 cars in a year that does Lotus by the serious manufacturer “, – mister Plejl speaks.

As a result of reorganization of structure of the company industrial compartment Lotus will be allocated in the separate company, the technical center will receive even greater independence and there will be a separate commercial division which will be engaged in sale of cars – earlier company Lotus was not engaged in it.

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