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audi r8 Audi R8

The interior differs bright sports character. It is completely focused on the driver sitting between the panel of devices and the high central extension housing. The central part of the panel of devices is slightly turned to the driver. The sterring wheel with the oblique bottom sector, already become by an attribute of the sports cars, facilitates landing and landing. The form follows the maintenance – this design principle defines all interior Audi R8.

In a standard complete set sports seats are upholstered by a leather with inserts from alcantra. Completely the leather upholstery is offered under the order. More than it is enough For two passengers of a place, and the level of comfort much more exceeds the standard forpowerful sports cars. Behind of seats there will be a place for greater bags. Besides in a front part of the car there is a baggage compartment in volume of 100 litres. As if to an inner trim, it is a lot of Audi of variants offered by designers to choose for itself individual, as they say, onthe taste and color.

Behind of interior before a rear axle engine V8 FSI is located. It can admire through big a rear screen or it is direct from interior. The 420-strong 8-cylinder unit developing greater turns a new coil of development of technology of direct injection of gasoline FSI. Figures is better will illustrate potential of the 8-cylinder motor. The 4,2-liter engine develops 420 h.p. at 7800 rev/min. The maximal twisting moment 430 Н m is necessary on a range 4500 — 6000 rev/min. Not less than 90 % of the maximal twisting moment it is constantly supported in a wide range of turns from 3500 up to 7600 rev/min. Owing to these characteristics the new eight-cylinder engine provides the maximal traction effort practically in any situation.

Parameters of the car also impressing: R8 it is dispersed from a place up to 100 km/h for 4,6 with and reaches the maximal speed of 301 km/h., and the maximal rotary speed of a bent shaft makes 8250 rev/min. The list of advantages of the engine proves to be true its sound, worthy a racing car. A lubricating system with dry crankcase Audi R8 – one more technology borrowed from the world of an auto racing. Owing to such technical decision engine V8 can be established below, that reduces the centre of gravity and improves dynamics.

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