Renntech 777 Mercedes SLR McLaren

renntech mercedes benz slr 777 1 Renntech 777 Mercedes SLR McLaren

Volker Mornhinweg, the owner of AMG, solicitor last week that the war of powers in horses is finished and them will not try to reach extreme executions with the cars which they modify. Hartmut Feyhl, the owner of Renntech, always likes the powerful cars which can reach incredible speeds and he announced that his company will indicate Renntech 777 Mercedes SLR McLaren, a car developed to celebrate the 20th birthday of the company, which with the HP 777. The tuner of car indicates that it is a legal car of way of completely new street and it will have a new kit of body with improved aerodynamics, a large back wing, new dividers and new side skirts. The car will be actuated with a modified engine of Kompressor overfed by 5.5L V8 and it will comprise a new suspension, the transmission and a special differential of slip makes by Renntech.

Renntech 777 Mercedes SLR McLaren will have an high speed around 210 M/H and the company says that they will establish only 20 versions of this car. They did not announce that it is price still, but we are rather sure it will not be cheap.

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