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mclaren f1 McLaren F1

F1 Today is the already historical legend fanned by glory of own triumphes during history of existence of this car. If you dare to sit down for rudder McLaren F1 about a direct bearing, it is possible to forget just because imagination of the father-founder and Gordom Marry which has presented model with unique configuration of interior. The seat of the pilot takes a place strictly in the middle of a cockpit, on the appreciable eminence, two passenger armchairs are symmetrized on each side, and much below, on to a floor. Therefore equestrian McLaren F1 simply needs as being bent to creep nothing half-and-half on the driver’s place! Also, poor extremal it is necessary in every possible way, helping itself hands “to fill” the bottom finitenesses in the tunnel allocated for them before reliably and densely “to get stuck” in a vice of a narrow racing armchair. The well-known huge doors are convenient passengers, it to take seat on the places very simply and comfortably. Presence of satellites also very opportunely, that… To slam this “cap” above a cockpit, differently it is necessary to the pilot half-rise in the “raised” armchair…

At the charged weight in 1137 kg., the model is considered one of most easy and maneuverable super-cars in the world.

At F1 there are no steering boosters and brakes, there is no here ABS, pillows of safety, and about antiwheelspin system at all do not recollect. But in superpenalty McLaren there is an air conditioner and an audiosystem, the small lateral window leaves-windows supplied by the electric drive, leather armchairs, and on a floor of the interior trimmed thick , woolen carpets.

Here such it, great, mighty super-penalties Mclaren f1! The Updated model has been recently presented on the British motor show in London where has received, numerous enthusiastic responses of public. Presented McLaren F1, it is equipped by the engine in volume 6064 cc manufactures BMW. Capacity of the motor makes the order 627 h.p. (461 kw), that at the maximal twisting moment in 66.2 kg/m (649 ?/m) the car up to 100 km/h for 3.2 seconds allows to disperse.

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