Gemballa and 750-strong Porsche Cayenne

gemballa porsche cayenne Gemballa and 750 strong Porsche Cayenne

The next release of manufactory Gemballa about massive bombardment by capacity Porsche Cayenne very much guards. Not that very much, it is simple at such indicators always in a head the question turns: — «Also what then?» Or «And what for they there, these horsies?».

In the actual program businessmen from Leonberg have hoisted capacity top models Cayenne (that, that with 500-strong V8), already to 750 horsepowers. Thus the program totals escalating in four complete sets — 550 horsepowers, 600, 650 and is final 750.

As to the last here serial V8 it is necessary to test not the small. In the first it became the owner of two enough the powerful turbines, the modernised inlet system, almost “empty” and awfully bellowing exhaust installation, new electronics for a control package and different specific small things — in the form of special spark plugs, valves, filters and so on. Result — 4,4 seconds for dispersal to 100 km/h and the maximum speed to 310 km/h. Well very much «seriously».

In the rest — each creature on steam.

Power is — now give dynamics and a bodi-whale. Actual the variant body «Aero 3», undermined specially for massive and “fat” breed of off-road cars of type Cayenne at present is . The front is a powerful sight which is underlined by huge air intakes and a couple of air “pockets” on a cowl, telling to us how this the glutton likes to absorb the fresh breeze accordingly necessary for it for each of 750 horsies. Along with it it is possible to allocate as thresholds and the powerful expanded wheel arches doing base Cayenne much more massive and hiding under self of a wheel in 23 inches with corresponding very large rubber. Tailpiece Porsche looks more modestly — with a couple of spoilers and the choke tube, well and certainly exhaust “quadruple” — on two branch pipes on the right and at the left.

Has not managed in the given complete set and without running gear operational development. But here, here still more and more reasonably also leans in bigger degrees against the electronic module doing possible as much as possible to reduce a ground clearance of all on 40 mm and regulating a suspender depending on this or that situation.

The subsequent component runnig gear — brakes. By itself it is clear, that 750 horsies demand special attention from the given party and consequently here have found the place of “hollow disk” in diameter already in 415 mm (front) and in 380 mm (rear axle). All is supported it is powerful calipers and dozen minor small things in a kind special small screws and tubes.

Under the ending — an interior.

It is simply poisonous, superb and awfully making sober «Porsche». So to hold!

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