Aston Martin DB9 Volante

aston martin volante Aston Martin DB9 Volante

4 January, 2004 on the motor of show in Detroit Aston Martin will present public new elegant model DB9 Volante already the sixth under the account a novelty of the company for last 2,5 years. DB9 Volante it is last development Aston Martin, and as to the thirteenth account a cabriolet of the firm entering into a lineup of prestigious post-war cabriolets since DB2 of 1950 and continuing DB4, DB5, DB6, V8 and DB7.

However, it will be first cabriolet Aston Martin with unique VH a platform (Vertical/horizontal) and the first constructed on recently open factory Aston Martin in Gaidon. DB9 Volante it will be made in parallel with DB9 Coupe, presented on a motor show in Frankfurt in September 2003. Both models will prepare manually at factory Aston Martin in Gaidon, Coupe since spring 2004, and Volante since autumn 2004. It is supposed, transfers, that more than 2000 models DB9 will be sold in following year, and 50 % from them will be Volante.

Aston Martin Volante it is capable to speed up 100 km/h less than for 5 seconds, and its maximal speed exceeds 300 km/h. The same as and on DB9 Coupe in it six-high-speed automatic or mechanical transmission is established.

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