BMW Gina — new М1?

bmw gina BMW Gina — new М1?

That has been presented today by masters of design studio BMW many already have counted future supercar BMW M1 which conclusion the company plans to carry out the next two-three years for now — concept which have been ostensibly created in honour of opening of a new museum of concern BMW. We will believe?


Basically all these mass-media-flourishes and gossips are quite fair. Many the edition of waters already practically in a current of five years try to recreate by means of a couple of sketches a real picture of future М1, and here such surprise and the most important thing — it official. Now apparently many will have enough bases to name recently appeared in a network plausible where created data concept “PEOPLE” almost one in one has transferred that Bavarian “grimace”, as at концепта GINA, though also more plausible plastic bodies. In a word — we wait “M”.


As to most concept it is inherently simply unique. A body for workings out and base have been borrowed at actual model Z4, and design — “own”. Besides it on a number with a metal covering concept also has received perfectly executed and pleasant by sight a suit made of cloth leaving possible to show to the machine all “intimate” delights — for example the motor where a special effect is dispersing on a seam on two parts the cowl or doors which opening upward, create on each side specific to the given style of design of a fold or it is better to tell “edges”. As it is necessary to notice, that one of unique properties of a body is its possibility to change form — materials it allows. For example it is possible slightly will expose outside a rear spoiler or to give to a face-to-face part more grimaces for the account of increase in air intakes. More shortly — the designer where certainly there are also trifles, type of 20-inch wheel disks, exhaust 4 and carbone the choke tube.


In the rest — a firm secret.


Company BMW has not presented any information on a power stuffing concept to which most likely can become hydrogen engine or “any” 600-strong V10. Time will tell.

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