Gemballa Avalanche GT2 600 evo — topster or speedster?

gemballa avalanche gt2 600 Gemballa Avalanche GT2 600 evo — topster or speedster?Gemballa increases potential! The new extreme novelty as AVALANCHE GT2 600 EVO, the tuner has presented in the European market one of the most “frank” versions for sport penalty Porsche GT2 where “weight” of the power unit reaches already 600 horsepowers and 840 Nanometers of a twisting moment.


600 horsies basically not too are a lot of what to name data of penalties “frank”, if certainly not to pay attention to specificity of a body. At a tuner is and variants which are equipped by 750-strong and 800-strong cursors where more attention has been given not so much appearance how many to a stuffing are more powerful, that from its part does everyone penalties from smiths Gemballa to a certain extent by the only thing. Let will be so — wheelbarrows from «Gemballa» simply delicious lovely sight, but all the same, this of penalties — is «Best of the Best».


In the first it — certainly a body, bodi-whale, with a powerful face-to-face spoiler, fanned arches, thresholds and a massive tailpiece with the choke tube and a huge anti-side panel.


In second — labour-consuming and laborious work on modernisation of a suspender which has got the screw chassis, a couple , a package of stabilizers, as well as the modernised steering. Brakes — ultra-strong ceramics, in the form of 380 mm and 350 mm of “hollow disks” and bright red brake calipers which with ease were located behind 20-inch disks of a series «Racing Black Edition» with tyres of dimension 245 and 325.


— the cursor which has adopted experience and authority of senior “brothers” and has been presented to the third with modified electronics of a control package, a powerful cooler and “empty” on is not present an exhaust system which roar will force you to clear in itself the present fan of an extreme drive, and at the same time will frighten also envy of all your competitors and neighbours in a parking. The engine power makes 600 horsepowers, and the maximum twisting moment — 840 Nanometers. It allows to do easy one hundred for 3,5 seconds and to develop the maximum speed to 320 km/h.


Well and on end — an interior which approaches to such extreme-pepper on all “HUNDRED”. Designers used in given “recipe” a sweet couple of habitual components, type carbone, alcantra and skin where besides other PR small things it is possible to put still pair flat monitors to integrate a games hookup and to equip a cockpit with powerful multimedia system. Fine auto!


As to the price here, analyzing last “creations” of a tuner, it is possible to tell easy, that this fruit will cost not less than 350 000 euros — rigidly, but what car!

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