Brabus CL 600 Coupe SV12 S Biturbo


brabus cl 600 coupe sv12 s Brabus CL 600 Coupe SV12 S BiturboTuner Brabus has presented the final version “fanned” to 730-horsepowers of the superpenalties, constructed on the basis of actual coupe Mercedes CL 600. Brabus CL 600 Coupe with powerful forced Brabus SV12 S Biturbo the unit, it is possible to consider under the statement of tuners as the most powerful and fast coupe of the given class. Here, taking the serial 5,5-litre unit and having increased its working volume to 6,3 litres, plus having added to it powerful turbine, reprogrammed “software” of steering of the motor, the modified air-cooling system, together with having modernised major “gears” as cranked and camshafts, the valve and cylinders, masters Brabus managed to be reached almost “fantastic” result of capacity in 730 horsepowers at 5 100 rpm, together with a gain of the maximum twisting moment to 1320 Nanometers at 2 100 rpm which has in turn received electronic “collar” at 1 100 Nanometers. Such “wild” increase in capacity allows Brabus SV12 S Biturbo to be dispersed to 100 km/h of all for 4,0 seconds, to 200 km/h for 11,9 seconds and to develop the maximum speed to 340 km/h. (The electronic arrester).


To provide sufficient and most productive drive of capacity on a rear wheel drive, engineers had to modify 5graded box the automatic machine which can be selectively combined with differential blocking.


For improvement of dynamic qualities Brabus CL Coupe, designers have offered original design the bodi-whale consisting of a stylish face-to-face spoiler with in addition integrated fog-lights and main headlights, together with the big central air intake for supply by a fresh breeze of the “infernal” unit and a front braking system, lateral channels and a stylish rear bumper with the choke tube. Also it is impossible to forget, that lateral a channel have been equipped by light-emitting diode illumination, that as a matter of fact is very useful “piece” — for example to make out a pool at an input or an exit from the car during dark time of days.


One of important optical details Brabus CL Coupe can note certainly disks series Monoblock VI which palette has 18, 19, 20 and 21-inch variants.


Top variant here are 21-inch disks Monoblock VI with tyres Pirelli or Yokohama dimensions 265/30 ZR 21 on a front axle and 295/30 ZR 21 on rear. Specially for the given combination of wheels, together with for creation more strong dynamic base, engineers have suggested to modernise the chassis (with system ABS) for the account of the special module which promotes reduction of a road gleam by 25 mm. In addition to running gear modernisation it is possible to add and a high-efficiency braking system about 380 mm brake plates and 12-piston aluminium calipers for a front axle and 355 mm disks with 6-piston alju-supports for the rear.


For creation more luxure internal conditions, designers have offered the extensive program of an inner trim such high-quality materials as mastics-skin, alcantra, aluminium and carbone. Also here it is possible to note steel mouldings on thresholds with shone logo Brabus, a sports leather wheel and expensive audio-anlagu.

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