Novitec Rosso Ferrari Enzo


novitec ferrari enzo Novitec Rosso Ferrari EnzoStudio Novitec Rosso has slightly underlined sports character superpenalty Ferrari Enzo. For small version of the power unit of studio equipped yellow “pepper” Enzo with sports final system (F1 999 10) which comes to an end with two 80-mm tubes – on two on the right and at the left. Besides it, the bumper area where has been integrated system, has received a special heatproof covering.


Designers have underlined external lines of design for the account of the blacked out rear stoplights and lateral slewing lamps.


For internal space designers have prepared the extensive program from a leather complete set. Here, so to say heads-designers the customer at which desire of studio carries out any “whim” is.


From edition of our magazine we will add, that in the given Enzo-project we to tell the truth expected more from studio. We hope, that data, so-called tuning (though here it basically and is not present), is only preparation before the full program of the completions, which studio will present in the near future.

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