Novitec Rosso Ferrari Evoluzione

novitec rosso ferrari evolu Novitec Rosso Ferrari EvoluzioneTuner Novitec Rosso has presented new or it is better to tell the updated package of tuning for superpenalty Ferrari F430 which has got modest “additive” in name as Evoluzione.


Working out of “additive” for power unit Ferrari F430 was the primary goal of masters of studio, certainly, that in an end result has poured out in new “software” for a control package, version of superchargers and more productive exhaust system. Besides it, tuner Novitec Rosso modernised a system cooling and “has stuffed” with its sports air filter, as well as more productive spark plugs. The result – 656 horsepowers and 3,5-3,7 seconds to “hundred part” where are maximum speed in turn makes almost 350 km/h.


For technical balance or in other words, «if one will disperse, another will stop», the studio equipped superpenalties with a powerful braking system at the price from 21 900 euros which includes the big 380 mm keramik-disks with double eight-piston calipers on a front axle and 4pistons calipers on the rear. As small plus, to the given braking system, the buyer can choose colour of the brake calipers approaching it, which studio offers in three variants – red, silver and black.


For the optimal road performance a penalty, studio equipped with its special developed screw suspender with adjustable degree of a tension and a compression step in front and behind, and also exclusive disks in a 19-inch format with tyres 255/30 on a front axle and 20-inch disks with tyres 345/25 on rear. Besides it, the studio suggests to “dress” superpenalties in the magnificent aerodynamic bodi-whale which components have been made of an ultra-lung and to horror strong carbone. The weather-cloth successfully adopts shape F 430 and not only improves it, but also promotes the best dynamic effect which has been specially confirmed in a wind tunnel.


For idealisation of internal space, Novitec Rosso offers the complete set program a leather covering, applications from aluminium and it is final carbone.

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