Novitec Maserati Quattroporte

novitec maseratti quatropor Novitec Maserati QuattroporteExperts of manufactory Novitec Tridente, have presented an exclusive package of operational development for Italian superpenalty Maserati Quattroporte.


Big it to name it is impossible! As is known, manufactory Novitec does not specialise on excesses in the form of a bodi-whale, and cuts at once and under the root. So, that have made the first «Novitecth», it is updating of the base power unit (a new software for the block of management and updating of air system) which finally began to develop capacity in 413 horsepowers and the maximum twisting moment in 468 Nanometers. In addition to a package «power engine», Novitec offers also a powerful exhaust system which comes to an end with four 83-mm the chromeplated pipes — on two on the right and at the left.


In the field of a running part, for more firmness and dynamics improvement, Maserati Quattroporte has got more rigid screw suspension bracket which is regulated in a 2-step mode. Besides it the tuner suggests to expand also wheel base Maserati for the account special “washers” which are mounted on a forward and back axis and are offered by width from 10 to 20 mm.


Last step in improper for data a penalty a word “tuning”, are exclusive 20-inch disks of series NM1 with tyres Pirelli P-Zero which are presented on a forward axis in the size 245/35, and on back 285/30.

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