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Mercedes-Benz will modernizate designe of S-class

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Modernization will concern, first of all, S-class models. In Mercedes-Benz company promise that in 2013 German cars «will establish the new quality standards and design».

Representatives of a German motor-car manufacturer while, unfortunately, don’t open nuances of new workings out. It is informed only that the new design won’t have something in common with already existing bolides and what to see it it will be possible in conceptcar F800 which will present on the Geneva showroom in March.

Thus in Mercedes-Benz unambiguously hint at the future of the manufacture. «F800 as well as possible underlines philosophy of models of new generation, reflecting all our future industrial ruler», – hasn’ted Jurgen Hirsh (Jürgen Hirsch), the head of kontsetp-division Mercedes.

It is known also that in a S-class modernize the control system interface. In it the touch panel of type iPhone will be used. The pair of the videocameras conducting shooting in driving direction and located on the panel of a rear-view mirror becomes a key modern stroke.

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November 14th, 2010

Need for Speed represents a new bolide: Scion tC

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The racing command of brand Need for Speed represents a new bolide: compartment Scion tC with a full drive and the engine capacity of 1100 h.p.

The car was developed under supervision of racer Chris Rado which acted at the most various competitions – NHRA, NSCRA, Pacific Street Car Association and Full Throttle. New Scion has been created for type races time attack, the car debut should take place already on these days off.

Toyota Scion tC need for speed Need for Speed represents a new bolide: Scion tC
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August 11th, 2010

In Paris Renault will present middle-motor electropenalties

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In September on a motor show in Paris company Renault will present concept car DeZire – an electromobile with middlemotor body layout. Shape of this novelty developed Lawrence van den Aker – the new chief-designer Renault which has passed in the French company from “Mazda”.

Renault DeZire
is constructed on the basis of a spatial frame of steel tubes on which it is hung cevlar body. As a result, the car weighs only 830 kgs, and the 148-strong electromotor disperses it to hundred kilometres per hour for five seconds.
Renault DeZir top In Paris Renault will present middle motor electropenalties

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July 17th, 2010

Cadillac has started manufacture new CTS Coupe before term

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Factory Cadillac Lensing Grandee River has started manufacture of model CTS Coupe 2011 and the beginnings of delivery of cars to the American dealers earlier, than was planned.

The new car will appear on sale in Europe in October, 2010. The new coupe will add ruler CTS consisting of sedan CTS Sport Sedan and versatile person CTS Sport Wagon. All three cars, and also sedan Cadillac STS are issued at factory in Lensinge. In the company notice that in 2010 this enterprise has been recognised the best among the American car factories.

2011 cadillac cts coupe Cadillac has started manufacture new CTS Coupe before term

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July 15th, 2010

Mercedes update Maybach next year

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maybach update 2010 Mercedes update Maybach next year

The Mercedes-Benz company intends to present the updated versions of magnificent sedans Maybach next year.
It was declared by the head of a Mercedes-Benz of Diter Tsetshe, having refused to inform, whether occurrence of limousines of following generation, and also is planned cars will undergo to what completions restyling.

For the first time the conceptual version of present “Maybach” has been presented in 1997 on the motor-show to Tokyo, and in the beginning 2000 model has been started in a batch production in two versions – Maybach 57 and Maybach 62, differing in the length of a body. Now such cars are offered with a petrol bi-turbo the engine in volume of 5,5 litres, having twelve cylinders, and capacity of 550 horsepowers, working together with a five-step automatic gear box. Continue reading “Mercedes update Maybach next year” »

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January 30th, 2010

Husmen 699 GTO — student’s fantazm

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husmen 699 gto Husmen 699 GTO — students fantazm

Students of the Italian school of industrial design (IED) have presented unusual concept sport penalty Husmen 699 GTO where «Husmen» goes from the founder — Emre Husmen, and 699 GTO from similarity with model 599 GTB Fiorano and Ferrari 250 GTO.
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July 24th, 2008

New Ford Focus RS — the first photos

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ford focus rs New Ford Focus RS — the first photosHurrah! All the same the uncertainty veil was slightly opened also Internet networks have replenished with one more charged sportcar. New Ford Focus RS, the information about which else while is concealed in «closed bank» has solved slightly PR of the official premiere and adequately to be lighted, having presented itself in a couple of official photos. Continue reading “New Ford Focus RS — the first photos” »

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July 8th, 2008
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