Ferrari GG 50

ferrari gg 50 Ferrari GG 50The 50-years anniversary of ” creative activity ” in the world of automobile design legendary Gogetto Gugaro has decided to celebrate, having constructed original the concept-penalties, received name GG50.


This car will be presented on autoshow to Tokyo and is own sight of the Italian designer at cars of a class “gran-tyrismo”.


As informs the edition “Autorevue”, the idea to create design for cars Ferrari at Gugaro has appeared still one year ago. Then the president of the Italian mark of the Onions de Montezemolo has supported idea and even has suggested to take for a basis flagman model – a coupe 612 Scaglietti. From the base car of concept-penalties has inherited all power structure of a body and a technical stuffing. But GG50 differs absolutely new design of a body and even on nine centimeters became shorter, having kept the former sizes of a wheelbase. At a novelty the new decision of a front part of a body with narrow headlights, but very similar radiator enclosure, new lateral panels and front fenders, and also absolutely other registration of a rear where there was a greater rear door which rises upwards as on hatchbacks. The size of a luggage compartment have increased by 30 litres due to other design of a gasoline tank, and backs of rear seats are executed developing.


Specially company Bridgestone has developed unique tire covers Potenza RE050 Runflat which differ high a high-speed index for this car and “are not afraid” of punctures. On the car tires of dimension 245/35 R20 in front and 305/35 R20 behind are established.

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