Ferrari Superamerica

ferrari superamerica Ferrari SuperamericaOne year prior to the end of manufacture model 575 M Maranello to involve buyers, Ferrari releases new variant Superamerica – popular in 50th and 60th years. Under a cowl 575 the known 12-cylinder, 5,75 liter motor, as capacity in 540 horsepowers works. Owing to it, Superamerica it is dispersed all 4,2 seconds prior to 100 km/h. Also has the maximal speed in 320 km/h, that completely corresponds to parameters of the usual serial version. The reason can be named – a harmonious roof from glass which adds to gross weight about 60 kg. By pressing the button, the roof in 5 steps completely closes interior. Owing to what, unlike other designs of harmonious roofs, the volume of a baggage compartment is not reduced.


The to prime-minister Ferrari 575M Maranello Superamerica will celebrate on a motor show in Detroit in January, 2005.


For those who available to issue the order for this super-car, should pay the sum on 20 % more, rather than for a coupe 575М. Besides for Ferrari 575M Maranello Superamerica special package GTC at the price of in 22.620 euros, including more sports suspender, the improved brakes and 19-inch disks from a light-metal alloy is offered.

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