Ferrari FXX

ferrari fxx Ferrari FXXItalian company Ferrari has presented the unique racing and test program in which 20 carefully selected drivers from among nonprofessional pilots can take part only. Participation in program FerrariFXX will manage to each of them in 1,5 million euro, not including taxes. In exchange for this money clients Ferrari can feel on themselves all of charm of test life Formula-1 and personally get acquainted with pilots of command Ferrari F1.


Specially for program FXX company Ferrari will construct exactly 20 test bolide on the basis of Ferrari Enzo which will receive engine V12 forced up to 800 horsepowers, and also a unique gear box unified with the units participating in races Formula-1. This change speed gearbox can switch drives of all for 100 milliseconds. Besides specially company Bridgestone has developed unique tire covers of dimension of 19 inches for these cars, and company Brembo has prepared complete sets of ceramic brakes. Each car of program FXX will be adjusted under the concrete driver and equipped by system of the telemetry including more of 30 gauges.


Test program FXX will include the organized departures the largest autodromes of the world with a special command of mechanics. In this sense test departures much will remind the program of tests bolide Formula-1. In particular, pilots can analyze data of telemetry to try various adjustments of the car. Besides each participant of the program will pass special training rates under direction of professional pilots. Besides participants of program FXX can cause at any time the car with mechanics for private arrivals, but only on special lines.


Representatives Ferrari declare, that the saved up test data will be actively used by development new serial and racing cars, and also separate units for them.

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