ABT Audi TT Limited II

abt audi tt limited ii ABT Audi TT Limited IIThe rare car for the conveyor life accompanies with such quantity of enthusiastic responses and judicial claims which have fallen upon share Audi TT. At what the beginning was rather promising. But after in June of 99-th on highway A4 in the «TT» is broken 24 years Grit T. For this car there come complex times. However, it is not clear on what in general counted mill-hands when did the machine on platform VW Golf of IV truncated on 9 centimeters at what a track of front wheels have made more widely rear, than have already structurally predetermined propensity of the car to an oversteer.


So built factory Audi TT and it was rather strange to observe on its prime-minister in Frankfurt absence of the tablet « for sports use ». Then all became on the places – factory it was necessary to put a small rear wing, slightly having impaired a little protogenic surroundings ТТ, and to supply themachine with system ESP. On another simply it was impossible, – how many representatives of a factory did not explain to the indignant motorists what not correctly to dump in fast turning movement speed, they on former “fired” on it across all Germany, and on former were not friends of road shoulders because “in a silent way” on Audi TT to go it was simply impossible.


Despite of a unhealthy agiotage around «TT», it remained and remains by the most perspective machine of 90-s’ for productive tuning. Its truncated platform provokes to courageous experiments with running, uncommon appearance and an extravagant interior has a kind feeling to creativity of stylists, and the power unit represents not that other as the legendary motor in volume of 1,8 litres, allowing to experiment the turbine in wide enough range of forced aspiration. To all of it the command under direction of Christian Abt also has taken advantage, having offered fans of tuning not only the traditionalprogram of adjustment, but also having prepared the limited release of the sports machines Audi TT-Limited, differing of bright appearance and class characteristics.


Certainly, surroundings TT Limited could be and more radical, more «DTM», but developing the limited collection, designers Abt Sportsline understood, that a problem facing to them not in making a radical aero-whale in style TT-R, and in that TT-Limited took place a small series. For this purpose it was necessary to go on compromises: DTM an image have in front generated «hung» in the middle of a windshield the yard keeper; behind – four branch pipes of an exhaust system; width of a track have increased due to symbolical dilators of all by 2 sm, and in general the brightest in surroundings TT-Limited firm painting Imola-gelb. It has turned out well. Like bright, exclusive sports of penalties and to get accustomed – anything especially radical in it and are not present.

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