Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition

gemballa mirage gt black ed Gemballa Mirage GT Black EditionBy the end of the year, one of the most extreme tuners in the field of operational development of cars Porsche Gemballa, has presented exclusive superpenalties on the basis of Porsche GT with original name Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition.
Let’s tell at once, that спорткар Porsche GT is already in itself exclusive and practically does not require perfection from tuners. However designers Gemballa have solved, that it is not enough of it for full ecstasy and having created the certain rules of “game” has deduced to the public exclusive, both the original body styles, and a magnificent complete set, claret pearl Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition.
Exclusive claret bodies and the stylish body-whale which includes face-to-face carbone spoiler-lip, lateral a channel with “pockets”, and also the modified tailpiece with the choke tube and a powerful anti-side panel, does Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition by even more rare and causing “animal” on a line, confidence to which, besides a body-whale, the special sports chassis and a high-efficiency braking system gives also.


As to faultless contact piece to a line and excellent dynamics here an ideal variant for a tuner black stylish disks of series GT Sport in a 19-inch format and as tires of dimension 265/35 for a front axle and 20-inch disks with tires 335/30 for rear have acted.


In the field of “charge” of the power unit, the tuner has managed version inlet and an exhaust system, installation of a sports air filter and reprogramming of electronic phases of a control package.


The general result of the proexhausted works has led to increase of capacity up to 650 horsepowers (serial 612)


In the field of a complete set of interior Gemballa Mirage GT Black Edition, designers have suggested to take advantage of such materials, as alcantra, a leather, carbone and aluminium. Besides it the tuner offers also integration by road of audio-video of system and the touch monitor through which you have an opportunity to trace and steer the most important functions.


Now about the most interesting — about the price!


The price on Gemballa Mirage Porsche GT Black Edition makes in Germany from 700 000 euros.

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