Mercedes-Benz F400 Carving Concept

f400 carving concept Mercedes Benz F400 Carving ConceptOn 35 Tokyo Motor show concern the Daimler-Chrysler has shown a research vehicle — the conceptual car of Mercedes-Benz F400 Carving. F400 is equipped by the dynamic systems called essentially to increase a level of active safety and the control of steering.


The main feature consists in changeable, depending on a road situation, a corner of a camber of external wheels from 0 up to 20 degrees. In a combination to recently developed tires to a dissymetric tread pattern such system provides on 30 % greater lateral stability, than a usual suspender with the fixed inclination of wheels and standard tires.


The active control of a corner of a camber of wheels raises a maximum of safe lateral speedup up to 1,28 g, increasing high-speed and dynamic characteristics of Mercedes-Benz F400 Carving in comparison with usual sports cars approximately for 28 percent.


The new car also is equipped by system of steering steering «steer-by-wire», the active hydropneumatic suspender instantly reacting to a condition of road and new light devices, using fiber glass optics.


The hi-tech design is packed into a body dynamical speedster with the long wide cowl, hardly appreciable aerodynamic panels instead of a windshield, and an amazing double cockpit in style “hi-tech”.

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