Wiesmann Roadster

wiesmann roadster Wiesmann RoadsterRoadster Wiesmann which is being the production program of the same company from the date of its base in 1993 by brothers Friedhelm and Martin Wiesmann has undergone the next updating.


Previous modernizations it has been lead per 2003. Since then all roadsters, since 300, namely so much cars have been exhausted by the company for 10 years, had set of technological improvements. However, Wiesmann Roadster then has kept the traditional external shape.


Have not concerned design of the car and the changes made in 2006. Having exhausted by this time almost 500 copies of the open machines, the company has increased the capacity, engines established on them. Now roadsters are accessible to buyers with motors capacity 231 л.с (2979 sm3) and 343 л.с (3246 sm3). Traditionally, company Wiesmann receives engines from BMW. More powerful motor with a twisting moment of 365 Nanometers from BMW M5 is completed with a 6-speed mechanical gear box. For an additional payment it is possible to put a gear box with consecutive switching with underwheel petals or the floor lever. Installation of an automatic transmission is possible also.

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