Morgan Aeromax

morgan aeromax Morgan AeromaxMorgan Aeromax — the unique car created by one the most original British motor-car manufacturers of our days Morgan Motor Company. Aeromax has been created under the special order of prince Eric I, the president of Swiss bank Baring Brothers and the old admirer of mark Morgan.


Ordering the machine, prince has stipulated a number of obligatory conditions to which it should answer. It should be the double closed car which is convenient enough for trips on greater distances, with modern road performance. However, style and internal furnish should correspond to style of basic production of the company. Have especially been stipulated opening in spirit «gullwing» shutters of a rear window and a greater flat cargo platform behind of seats.


The clay model in scale 1:4 has been created at School of Automobile design at University of Coventry Matthew Hamfrisom (Matthew Humphries). The size and proportions of a body corresponded standard chassis Morgan Aero 8. But design and details of furnish were completely individual. After translation of dimensional characteristics of scale model in the digital form, by means of software CATIA in the company conductors for construction of an oak body shell and installation on it, the panels made manually from an aluminium alloy have been created.


As well as the body of the car, door handles, cases of mirrors and tail lights and other accessories have been made manually under sketches of artists. The two-folding glass of a rear window providing an easy approach to a baggage compartment from any party of the machine has been ordered to Italian firm Schedoni.


Aluminium chassis Morgan Aero 8 on which the car is constructed, on the design surpasses the European and American standards of safety used at certification of vehicles. For protection of the driver and passenger Aeromax it is equipped by pillows of safety with electronics Siemens. ABS, the control of pressure and temperatures of tires, system the climate-control and cruise-control enter into equipment of the machine.


Morgan Aeromax the car up to 100 km/h for 4,5 seconds is put in action engine BMW V8 N62 in volume of 4,4 litres, capacity of 333 horseforces, with the maximal twisting moment of 450 Nanometers, dispersing. The maximal speed — 260 km/h.

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