BMW CS Concept

bmw cs concept BMW CS ConceptNot giving competitors to leave too far, BMW in the urgent order masters a new segment — four-door sports a coupe. Combining exclusive luxury of cars Gran Turismo and elegance sports the coupe, BMW CS Concept not simply possesses all advantages of cars of the Bavarian concern, but also shows the aesthetic features which are not noticed before in production of BMW.


Low, dynamically extended silhouette CS Concept is in authority of smooth lines. From a radiator enclosure traditionally solved in the form of a double kidney, these lines pass on the extended, low lowered cowl and vigorous subwindow lines to short rear overhang, with precisely outlined form of a luggage compartment. Smoothly offset the line of a roof generalizes figure of the car, simultaneously extending its proportions. Such orientation of design has defined also outline dimensions a coupe: length — 5,10 meters, and height only 1,36 meters

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