Debuted four-seater sport car Morgan EvaGT

Whether you work as the engineer of huge autoconcern or the small company on manufacture of piece sport cars, you should solve the same problems.

Cars should become more powerful, more capacious and is thus more economic. The vision of an effective four-seater of new generation under name EvaGT was presented by firm Morgan Motor Company on traditional review Concours d’Elegance to the Pebbl-scourge.

Morgan EvaGT Debuted four seater sport car Morgan EvaGT

Decisions at masters from Vustershira checked up. Their Eva tastes all from the same tree – an ash-tree. Under elegant aluminum body panels the ashen framework fitted by same «winged metal» still disappears. It is mounted on the aluminum chassis – all exactly as at other models: coupe Morgan Aeromax and roadster SuperSports. Englishmen appreciate such scheme ease. Weighs new twodoors car only 1250 kg. Compare: the usual sedan of Chevrolet Cruze with the motor 1.6 is heavier on 35 kg.

One more major of an efficiency component – the hi-tech motor. Knowingly Morgan many years cooperates with BMW company. Under a long cowl it is established «turbosix» 3.0 which gives out 306 h.p. and 400 Н·м. At such installed power per employee (almost on ton) dispersal from a place to 100 km/h occupies 245 forces from coupe EvaGT no more than four and a half seconds. Thus fuel consumption in the commixed cycle of standard bench tests makes 7,06 l/100 of km!

Right after Eva’s debut “GT” at «elegance Competition» Englishmen have started to accept orders. To get to lists of potential owners of the unusual car, it is enough to bring the deposit at a rate of 5000 pounds sterling. The initial plan – to construct 100 cars, but manufacture starts only in the middle of 2012. The total price? The manufacturer evasively explains that it will be up to standard of cars of this class.

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