Aston Martin Rapide Concept

aston martin rapide Aston Martin Rapide Concept

The current generation of cars Aston Martin (Aston Martin), including DB9 Coupe, DB9 Volante and Vantage, is created on powerful and extremely flexible platform VH. The aluminium design of this platform can be changed on length and width, providing huge quantity of layout variants.

One of such variants constructed on platform VH, is conceptual 4-doors a sports sedan superpremium class Aston Martin Rapide, entering in a direct competition with Maserati Quattroporte and Porsche Panamera. The car for the first time has been shown on the International Auto show in Detroit in 2006.

Rapide Aston Martin as the manufacturer of sports cars of the maximum class with the individual interiors assembled manually confirms reputation. Interior four-seater Rapide, placed in space only a little exceeding volume of interior the coupe, confirms experience of designers of the well-known mark. The interior of the car, whose height only on four centimeters exceeds DB9, is surprisingly spacious and easily contains four full-size individual armchairs and the quite good bar disappearing under a cap of a baggage compartment.

Aston Martin Rapide it is equipped by modernized engine V12 from DB9 which now possesses capacity of 480 horsepowers. (1940 kg) and the powerful car easily surpasses easier on high-speed and to dynamic characteristics Maserati Quattroporte.

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