2007 Brabus Widestar Concept

brabus widestar 2007 Brabus Widestar ConceptBrabus Widestar it is possible to describe only three words — sports, dynamical and very powerful. The special model constructed on the basis of Mercedes ML 63, will show to visitors of the Geneva motor show not only the new version of an off-road car, but also new wheels Monoblock E23 established on it (diameter — 23 inches) and new engine Brabus B63 S (recustomized ML 63) capacity of 550 horsepowers.


Brabus, at operational development of donor car Mercedes ML 63, has approached to it from three parties. First, naturally, has changed its appearance, having established new bumpers and full lateral weather-cloth. According to last tendencies in a fashion, plastic of new details — matte, emphasizing a brute force and adventurous character of model.


Having expanded wheel arches, Brabus has established new wheels Monoblock E23 with highly effective tires of the size 315/25 R 23. The module of steering of a pneumatic suspender has reduced a ground clearance of the car by 30 mm, transferring characteristics of roadability in more sports zone.


The car received after such operational development became a fine platform for the adjusted version of engine ML 63 transformed by engineers Brabus in B63 S by capacity 550 h.p. and maximal twisting moment of 650 ?/m.


As a result, the received vehicle is dispersed up to 100 km/h for 4,9 seconds and possesses the maximal speed of 275 kilometers at an o’clock.


For reduction of parameters of active safety conformity with new characteristics of car Brabus Widestar it is equipped with an effective braking system: in front — disks in diameter of 380 mm and 12p calipers, behind — 355-mm disks and calipers with 6 buckets.


Interior usual for Brabus — the best leather Mastik and Alcantara, an ergonomic sterring wheel and inserts from carbone. Into backs of front seats are implanted 16-inch LCD monitors and electric folding little tables.

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