Maserati Birdcage 75th Pininfarina Concept

Maserati Birdcage 75th — the conceptual car constructed by studio Pininfarina in commemoration of 75 anniversaries. The project is based on great traditions of preparation of pre-production models of the Italian sports cars 50 — 70th years, and also gives due histories of mark Maserati.

maserati birdcage Maserati Birdcage 75th Pininfarina Concept

History Maserati Birdcage goes back to 1959 when has been constructed Tipo 60, received a nickname « the Bird’s cell » because of the structure broken into triangles, a spatial frame, well visible under a huge windshield. Safely challenging to aesthetic ideals, these machines were the present cars of dream from the utopian future.


Maserati Birdcage 75th, respecting with spirit of the car of dream, it is constructed on the chassis of road variant Maserati MC12 of aluminium, carbonite and cellular material Nomex. In a rear of base it is established 12 cilinder V-engine in volume of 5998 sm3 and capacity more than 700 horsepowers.


Use of the powerful engine has demanded fidelity to the certain ideals of a design of racing cars. Considering the experience of the aerodynamic probes which have shown, that the most effective for application in projects of racing machines is drop-shaped the form and the form of the turned side panel, these forming lines have been incorporated in a basis of ” the Bird’s cell ». A design the chassis, with a low front part and higher rear, was successfully closed by the case with aliform a cross-section, and the passenger cell and controls easily was located in flowed round drop-shaped a capsule.


Storing fidelity to racing roots Birdcage, on Pininfarina have created very low (height about meter) the case of the car with as much as possible pure lines, making impression of unceasing movement. Through a huge gaping funnel with the chromeplated trident passes an air flow creating necessary clamping force and, in passing, cooling radiator. The rear is characterized by the impressive choke tube and two active aeropanels providing pressure upon a rear axle and, accordingly, stability of behaviour on high speed. Maserati costs on huge wheels with cast disks in diameter of 20 inches in front and 22 inches behind.


The interior strongly reminds the same car of semicentenial prescription. The aluminium framework of triangular structure and body panels from a carbonaceous fibre, and also integrated bucket seat upholstered alkamtra is in front well visible.

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