Porsche 911 GT3 RS

porsche911gt3 Porsche 911 GT3 RSSource of excellent dynamics new GT3 is the recent, evolutionary step which brings all 415 horsepowers and 405 Nanometers. A twisting moment. The rated power, six-cylinder GT3 reaches at 7 600 rev/min where the border of number of revolutions lays at 8 400 rev/min. Such addition of capacity comparison with a production version, occurs owing to special soaking up system to 82-mm. A greater butterfly valve, more optimal cylindrical heads and the modified final system with more insignificant anti-pressure.


More expanded area of number of revolutions of the GT3-unit, has been coordinated with a six-step mechanical gear box with shorter switching. It does possible to be dispersed up to 100 km/h of all for 4,3 seconds, up to 160 km/h. For 8,7 seconds and to have the maximal speed up to 310 km/h. Average consumption of fuel thus makes 13,0 l. On 100 km.


For more progressive and sports dynamics, the chassis of model, has received special qualities specific to racing sports which buttons by pressing can be chosen for various surfaces road parts. Serially the model will receive special sports tires, differential of the raised friction and the adjustable monitoring system of pull-rod. Aerodynamic pluss make such elements, as a face-to-face spoiler, lateral a channel and specific for GT3 powerful a spoiler-covered of a tailpiece.


Following features GT3 are specially developed 19-inch disks from a light-metal alloy and brake hollow disks in 350 mm. A format with six-and-four-piston brake calipers. At will, brake  can be equipped by special, easier and stronger brake hollow disks from ceramics.


The complete set of internal space GT3-bolid is based on actual model 911 Carrera and differs only application of such material alkantra. Serial sports sitting, it is possible to change at will on easier, sports which are made from carbone.


On the European markets the model will act in the autumn of 2006, under rather “modest” price from 108 083 euros. (the price in the market of Germany).

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