Maybach Exelero Concept

maybach exelero Maybach Exelero ConceptMaybach Exelero Concept — a unique magnificent coupe constructed in the single copy under the order of the manufacturer of tires Fulda Reifenwerke. Fulda uses Maybach Exelero for tests of new generation of the wide tires.


DaimlerChrysler and its division on release of cars of the maximum class Maybach have designed this extraordinary model as modern interpretation of a streamline sports car Maybach of 30th years, constructed on chassis Maybach SW 38, and also used by company Fulda for tests of high-speed tires.


Exelero embodies sight Maybach at construction of cars under individual orders. Developers, for entering into the project of fresh ideas, have enlisted students of the senior rates from college. Final works were executed by Turin firm Stola.


During the first tests for the Italian high-speed line in Nardo, Maybach Exelero Concept has reached the maximal speed of 351,45 kilometers at an o’clock.


Batch production Maybach Exelero Concept is not planned.

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Jahed23 said,  

This is a very unique car and hoping to get it in the near future when it comes out.

Kora said,  

I own a couple of those

ysmg55 said,  

This is definitely the car of the future. The Aerodynamics of the body really gives you a 2020,futuristic feel.

k2 incense said,  

Whoa, that is so sleek and sexy.

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