Ruf RGT-8 Porsche tuning

Firm Ruf - a motor-car manufacturer, instead of tuning studio. Not without reason in Porsche are happy with that these engineers get up with their production. Well and how differently when to Geneva there comes such car, how Ruf RGT-8 such colour?

Abbreviation RGT in the history of firm Ruf plays very important role. The first coupe with such name, having a safety framework under a covering of interior and a racing suspender, has been made of model 911 GT3 of a series 996 and equipped with the 390-strong motor in which basis the base atmospheric engine 3.6 lay. Then there was 451-strong version RGT created during serious modernisation Porsche 911 with index 997.
ruf rgt 8 front Ruf RGT 8 Porsche tuning

And here before us a novelty – RGT-8. Traditions are observed: the suspender is calculated on a track, the safety framework is integrated into body power structure, the engine powerful. And, pay attention, it is own working out Ruf’s. Aluminium atmospheric “eight” 4.5 with the cylinders which corner of a camber is equal to 90 degrees, the hydraulic gear of resetting of valves on an admission and release, a lubricating system with a dry crankcase is Behind billeted.

At the disposal of the driver – 550 h.p. (at 8500 rpm) and 500 Nanometers (at 5400 rpm). Under bureau Ruf statement, the engine is easier than usual six-cylinder engines Porsche – it weighs hardly less than 200 kg. It would be interesting to learn, it is how much fast RGT-8, after all, except that, doors and a boot lid are executed from aluminium so, it is easier standard.

Gravity of the project proves to be true also that manufacture of coupe Ruf RGT-8 will begin only in 2011. The car will be delivered with six-step “mechanics”, blocking of differential of the rear axle which has been adjusted on racing manners by system of stabilisation and carbon ceramic brakes.

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