Mercedes update Maybach next year

maybach update 2010 Mercedes update Maybach next year

The Mercedes-Benz company intends to present the updated versions of magnificent sedans Maybach next year.
It was declared by the head of a Mercedes-Benz of Diter Tsetshe, having refused to inform, whether occurrence of limousines of following generation, and also is planned cars will undergo to what completions restyling.

For the first time the conceptual version of present “Maybach” has been presented in 1997 on the motor-show to Tokyo, and in the beginning 2000 model has been started in a batch production in two versions – Maybach 57 and Maybach 62, differing in the length of a body. Now such cars are offered with a petrol bi-turbo the engine in volume of 5,5 litres, having twelve cylinders, and capacity of 550 horsepowers, working together with a five-step automatic gear box.
Now the number of versions Maybach has reached to six. In scale were added a variant «S» with six-litre 612-strong V12, opened Maybach 62 Landaulet, and also the most expensive and magnificent version under name Zeppelin. Last from them it is planned to exhaust in the limited circulation in 100 pieces. The first copies Zeppelin have already been delivered owners in September. Such car in scale Maybach differs from other models exclusive colouring of a body and interior furnish, and also the motor forced to 640 horsepowers. The prices on Zeppelin in Germany begin 406 000 euros.

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