Ferrari Enzo

ferrari enzo Ferrari Enzo

On the Parisian motor show of 2002 of the most appreciable premiere became new brightly red Ferrari — the newest development of studio Pininfarina. The car is called to immortalize a name of the father-founder of company Enzo Ferrari in movement. It was possible to undoubtedly designers. So frankly aggressive, and at the same time graceful style of a body goes to a sectional view with habitual to us smooth bypasses and soft lines of production of the Italian firm. The car is constructed as though around of racing bolide, with obviously expressed “beak” and “shovel”, and same as at fighting machines lateral air intakes for radiators and brakes. Doors open access to the real cockpit of the pilot. All devices and controls if are not taken directly from Jacque Todt’s “stable” it is doubtless, are made by its suppliers. And heart became new 6,0-liter V12. The motor develops 660 h.p. At 7800 rev/min, and adjustable phases of an admission and release and the electronic control by injection separate for everyone of some cylinders, allow to receive 80 maximal twisting moments already at frequency of 3000 turns: full pull-rod in 657 Nanometers is reached at 5500 rev/min. “Hundred” Enzo types for 3,65 with, two — for 9,5. Maximal precisely and did not measure: it is declared, that it more than 350 km/h, a speedometer it is marked up to 400.

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