Mansory Bugatti Vincero

mansory bugatti veyron vincero Mansory Bugatti Vincero

Probably the one who has once invented a сarbon and similar materials, never could present to itself that its child will complete cars, moreover and such which price in “a final” variant will make about one million-seven hundred euro.

Manufactory Mansory has presented on a motor show in Geneva fantastic superpenalties Vincero, created on the basis of serial Bugatti Veyron.

Obviously and improbably that all the same it is possible to make of so already perfect car, as «Veyron». The karbonovyj styling is present here almost everywhere – from a spoiler and before applications at interior. Slightly expanded wheel arches and corrected for the account of a new cover of a cowl the front, expresses much more aggression than a production version. One of the main focuses of a manufactory here is certainly competently picked up colour of a body which in a combination with “striped” carbon a covering reminds us of the well-known hero from star wars. Exclusive wheel disks, a powerful rear wing at the tail-end and the small “gilt” kitsch, for certain will find the client from the countries of the “Arabian” region as the approximate sum from 1 700 000 euros there is a chance to earn only there.

On a number with the program from «carbon», the manufactory offers as also small versions of the power unit which makes on a couple of horsepowers is more for the account of optimisation of an exhaust system and an air-cooling system. The promised figure – 1 109 horsepowers and 1 310 Nanometers of the maximum twisting moment (Serial «Veyron» it is allocated by 1 001-strong unit). A fantasy!

Interestingly! Now it is necessary to copy history and to do dream about one thousand hundred and nine nights, instead of one thousand and one, time Veyron uses real demand only here – at sheikhs.

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