Brabus Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR

brabus slr mclaren Brabus Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR

After a debut of magnificent Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR many experts all over the world have appropriated to it a rank of the finest, fast and faultless car of the present. However tuning studio Brabus any more for the first time forces to reconsider the recognized ideals.

Having undertaken “operational development” SLR, Germans have set for themselves a problem to make fine even more the best. This aspiration can be noticed already in external design. Body panels have got not only prompter shape, but also their each line is verified for the sake of increase in the clamping force, acting the car on greater speeds. To the same the some people carosserie serve both the new front and rear spoilers executed, as well asto a detail, from a lung, but strong carbon.

Noticeably facilitated and more maneuverable SLR is set in motion and more powerful V8, also the past through hands of experts Brabus. Having received new camshafts, system of cooling of a gas mixture, a sports exhaust system and other adjustments, the five-liter compressor unit develops capacity in 660 h.p. and without effort the car up to the maximal 340 km/h disperses.

3,6 seconds are spent for overcoming by an arrow of a speedometer of first ” hundred ” – a parameter worthy a good sports motorcycle only. To leave on such speeds the car under the control of the driver, engineers of the company had to allocate Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR new with lower and a rigid suspension. Owing to it, the car looks even more rapaciously and dynamic, than it is far not a cheap primogenitor.

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