hamann tycoon bmw x6 1 HAMANN Tycoon BMW X6

Hamann Motorsport already made a kit of special agreement for BMW X6 but they recently indicated another package of agreement called Tycoon which answers the hopes in its name. The big businessman will see male with new wings before and back prolongations of wing made starting from the light composite matter. The former part of the car is eye catching with great air intakes and lights of day of LED under the headlights. The design runs perfecly with the new side skirts which connect the part former to the aft section of X6 which has a diffuser of three shares. The final key for the aft section of the big businessman is increased with a spoiler. The types of Hamann installed ultra the wheels forged by light which combines the agility and elegance. They offer 23 wheels of. with tires classified 315/25 R 23 and with the special springs of frames which lower the car by 40 millimetres this X6 gained stability and by handling much.

The customers could choose various kits of execution for this turn. After two or three modifications X6 xDrive35i delivers the HP 360 and it makes tighten with the torque wrench a maximum of 540 nanometer. After the speed limit is countermanded by the types of Hamann X6 was driven by this improved engine could reach an high speed of 275 km/h. The series diesel were also improved and after the periodic motronic was reprogrammed the xDrive30d has the HP 265 and 600 nanometer, the xDrive35d with the HP 320 and 660 the nanometer and the most powerful engine, the xDrive50i, is at the final stages of the development process.

Since the outside of the car is almost perfect, Hamann also tried to modify it is interior much. They offer many accessories made starting from the aluminium of high-quality like pedals and rest of foot which matches perfectly the whole of decoration of Hamann of 12 shares makes out of carbon fibre. With a dial of instrument which has a graduation up to 300 km/h and at a wheel of sport of 3 rays this big businessman is one of SUVs with the glance the softest foltre.

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