Porsche Cayman S Sport Limited Edition

porsche cayman s Porsche Cayman S Sport Limited Edition

Company Porsche announced a conclusion to the European markets of the limited series of inexpensive sports coupe Cayman S which will be already presented in the dealer centres in the end of this year. The approximate price of a novelty in Germany — from 70 000 euros.That for a superpenalty 911 GT3 RS already in a habit which is reflected in poisonous-orange varnishing of a body and an exclusive complete set of interior, for newcomer Cayman S is a loud premiere. As well as its senior brother, novelty Cayman will be presented in bright orange “mantle”, “decent” in the size by an inscription «Cayman S» and black 19-inch wheel disks.
To be completed in 700 models the limited series will be furnish alcantra, the high-strength braking system modernised by a sports suspender with a ground clearance underestimated on 10 mm , as well as system of stabilisation PASM. Besides it is available as possibility and the order of a couple of options.
As to modernisation of the 3,4-litre agent of national security here the big changes have not occurred. The novelty will be equipped by the 303-strong unit which in comparison with usual model has received a gain of all in eight horsepowers, well and the maximum twisting moment as well as the maximum speed new Porsche Cayman S remained without changes.

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