Mazda Kazamai has presented on Moscow motorshow

mazda kazamai Mazda Kazamai has presented on Moscow motorshow

The Moscow motor show: Mazda Kazamai Charts are opened! On the Moscow motor show Mazda will present concept of a compact crossover «Kazamai» which was developed only for the Russian market. “Kazamai” means nothing other, as «a dancing wind», a plasticity and which design of a body it is very similar that is concept Nagare.
The Most important difference of a novelty from the predecessors will be its conclusive exclusive which is presented by “uniqueness”. It appears, given concept and as though that connects it with the future serial models, it was developed only for Russia and its “new” Russian youth. According to representatives of company Mazda, the serial model created on «idea» given concept-car can already appear in the Russian markets in 2010 and under rather “accessible” price.
As to a power stuffing here Mazda has put on the gasoline engine with system of the direct injection which capacity yet is not informed. Further it is possible to note sports and developed specially for “Russian” expensively suspender, powerful 22-inch wheel disks and exclusive concept-car interior details about which as remain while are hidden. From our party we will add that we will necessarily try to visit the Moscow motor show and we will present you the entire account about new Russian “Mazda“.

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