Masters BB have shown yellow ultimate Audi TTS

audi tts bb Masters BB have shown yellow ultimate Audi TTS

New «TT» — hurrah! Though here novelty and not absolutely gleams, but all the same that has made tuner BB with this TTS «Audi» it is possible to name the brand new charged feature safely. Have gone!

So, first of all here has appeared “new” never seen engine which has got a couple of quite “powerful” components as special system of a turbo-supercharging, more productive air-cooling system, almost “empty” exhaust system with sport catalysts and collectors, additional compact «Slim-Line» system of buttered cooling and certainly new “software” for an electronic control package. Result — 306, 324 and 326 horsepowers — choose. Itself is clear, that top variant with capacity in 362 horsies where dispersal to “hundred” is carried out all for 4,6 seconds here is, and the maximum speed makes 280 km/h.

In the field of aerodynamics of master BB as have not pumped up. The bodi-whale undermined under this strict design has made a TT simply and to horror attractive, well and if to all still to add sports «mover» presented by sports springs or alternative sport absorbers with resetting possibility in several modes in general — full «geshos», that from “native” German sounds as “shot”. Round off a package wheel disks in 19 or a 20-inch format and a high-strength braking system with perfo-disks and 8-piston calipers.


As to interior here the studio has not deigned to give yet what the information concerning a tasty complete set though it is possible and to guess, that the skin, alcantra here will be used, a couple of applications from aliuminium and is final carbon.


The price of newcomer Audi TTS BB while is unknown.

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