Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series it is presented officially

mercedes sl65 amg black ser Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series it is presented officially

When I have looked an official photo of given “toy”, I have understood — us did not deceive — that have conceived, have received. Company AMG has solved: — «If to tighten nuts under the full program» and has presented most extreme for the history of motorsport supercar — 670-strong Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series.

Yes, here it is a silhouette! «AMG» it is final swells — do not sink down in crisis as BMW with new “seven”. Here is on what to look and what to feel, when you in sports seats and the maximum twisting moment the rolled 670 horses press into 1 000 Nanometers (Original 1 200 Nanometers. With a view of safety have reduced to 1 000 Nanometers). Dispersal to “hundred part” is carried out all for 3,9 seconds, and the maximum speed makes already 320 km/h. Here and so!

As to a cursor here all is simple. In original version SL65 AMG costs 612-strong, and here 670-strong — thanks to a couple of versions in forced aspiration and to new “software” for a control package. Besides it the V12-robust fellow has recovered for the account of the powerful exhaust installation, new system of fuel delivery (analogue systems Bugatti Veyron) and original SL65 AMG transmissions — a five-step box the automatic machine.

On a trifle.

If to disassemble a novelty on couples of details and to look narrowly more close certainly here it is impossible to ignore impudent muscles of the extreme bodi-whale, allocated for the account very large wheel arches, air “gills” and a huge mouth of a cooler. There are also small things — carbone choke tube yes a couple of the spoilers, one of which leaves in “tail” by pressing a key or in an automatic mode as soon as pointer will lay down on a mark in 120 km/h.

It would be desirable as to underline and dump of superfluous weight of a novelty — approximately on 250 to 1 870 kg. In it certainly it is necessary to give basic plus to use to body arrangements carbon and coal-plastic. All this terrible mega-weight for the account of the sports screw suspender is supported, allowing to regulate absorbers in tension and compression degree (in a manual mode for the account of a couple of tools which have settled down in a luggage compartment). Yes, still the important detail it would be desirable to note a wheelbase which has received substantial increase — became wider on a front axle on 97 mm and on rear on 85 mm. Well and if it still and to support with a powerful braking system (the original from SL65 AMG without changes) and wheels in 19-20-inchlong format with tyres 265/35 and 325/30 then it is exact — not to shift and not to shake!

Interior — spirit of an extreme drive and carbon.

The accents sports armchairs, an is conditional-small wheel, furnish alcantar, aliuminium and carbon, and as here put new tools on a metre panel.

There are also minuses — for example it that sports sitting do not possess safety pillows, and it categorically is not welcomed in the USA, one of the major commodity markets, as well as full furnish of doors carbon. Therefore for the American market the special series with a couple of “superfluous” pillows of safety will be exhausted.

In total AMG has planned to exhaust 350 models where 200 will go to the USA, and the others should disperse across Europe and the nearby countries. Assembly new Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series will be carried out directly in Germany.

The price of exclusive “toy” will make in Germany from 300 000 euros.

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