Masters Premier4509 have shown compact Lambo Reventon

lambo reventon premier4509 Masters Premier4509 have shown compact Lambo Reventon

The Japanese masters in the name of studio Premier4509 have presented the fresh program of version for the newborn superpenalty Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 which in so exclusive “wrapper” very much reminds a compact variant of ultrasonic “male” Lamborghini Reventon. A series — only a limit and 1 000 copies are strict.

And it is valid — poured out kid Reventon, with its typical sharply-underlined forms of a fighter of an interceptor. Certainly it is distinct in the given ultra-proportion the front presented by two powerful air visors and a small spoiler-lip on the centre is allocated. Further the “interceptor” line accurately passes to thresholds and gradually the tail joins in suppressing and presented by a couple of spoilers and the choke tube. Elements of car body — it is final carbone.

As to running gear modernisation, as well as V10-cursor, here while full uncertainty — silence. Most likely — in working out. And if so most likely the novelty will be allocated by capacity approximately in 600 horses which will allow to develop the maximum speed over 340 km/h and to be dispersed to hundred less than for 3,5 seconds — animal.

Interestingly, but the official site of manufacturers yet does not allow to “read” more. Remains will trust in the elementary method — to phone call which has explained, that the given series will be presented officially literally in couple of weeks and that practically all series has already gone under buying up.

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