Geiger has shown 591-strong Corvette Z06 Black Edition

geiger corvette z06 black e Geiger has shown 591 strong Corvette Z06 Black EditionVery long ago such was not. I about «Geiger» which not looking at so powerful revolt “green”, continue to wind to the American penalties superfluous so hundreds horsepowers. So, a summer season novelty — exclusive Geiger Corvette Z06 Black Edition.


It is necessary to notice, that not looking on the same “green”, in Germany recently there were many American pepper different there, moreover and what. It speaks simply — the dollar “small” and forgotten by the god which in relation to euro seems small. Europeans dare to get overseas penalties for rather low price — a wheelbarrow on the ferry and to Europe. The businessman it is made. Want so go for a drive, and want glance in «Geiger» where yours «American» so will pump in steroids. By the way — and it any more for the first time.


What has offered Geiger for “six”? In the first it is the modernised 591-strong 7-litre V8-unit with the maximum twisting moment in 660 Nanometers. Dispersal to hundred — all for what that there 3,6 seconds, and maximal makes already 330 km/h. The recipe of so powerful cursor is simple and quite typical. It is presented in the form of a powerful sports exhaust system, sports shaft, the high-strength cylinders, special “cams” and titanic valves. Supplements a package — new “software” for a control package.


In the field of a running gear, masters of studio have allocated “six” with the rigid screw chassis with the ground clearance underestimated on 20 mm, a package, a powerful braking system and a package of exclusive disks in 19 or a 20-inch format.


Well and as to external shape here certainly it is possible to allocate with “trump” deep black colour of a body and a compact bodi-whale underlining rage.


The price of newcomer Geiger Corvette Z06 Black Edition yet is not informed.

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