Scirocco GT24 — an attraction for tourists

scirocco gt24 Scirocco GT24 — an attraction for touristsMore than a sports drive and adrenalin for newcomer Scirocco? Please! Volkswagen Motorsport has officially presented a so-called racing motor cab which will shortly roll all interested persons on northern hinge strain of a Nurnburgring, well for now, hands over “state-examination” in a racing series of 24-sentries of races on a Nurnburgring which started on May, 22nd. A real drive — only on a hinge strain.


And so, newcomer Scirocco who has celebrated the official serial premiere on a motor show in Geneva is presented in more categorical variant — as racing sport penalties Scirocco GT24.


Under its cowl the 325-strong TSI-unit with the maximum twisting moment in 340 Nanometers which is completed by six-step box DSG and a couple of stabilisation systems has settled down. As to a body and a running gear — I think it is not necessary and to speak — here all is undermined under a rigid drive where contact piece to a line enter 18-inch  with very large tyres, and the balance of a body holds the sports chassis and powerful brakes.


It would be desirable to tell certainly a couple of words and about interior of which however here is simply “is not present”. Instead of conveniences and pleasant ergonomics we see rigid sports seats, a welded frame, a small sports wheel, small monitor, dozen buttons and switches and in addition to all — the fire extinguisher cylinder. And that you wanted? Same MOTORSPORT!

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